Comparison of Stock Trading Services

To help make your choice on deciding which Stock Picking Service is best suited for your style of trading I put together this table that compares the stock trading services.

I put what I consider the most important factors in choosing a stock picking service and my reasoning below the table.

Microcap MillionairesJason Bond PicksTrading Addicts
Microcap millionaires reviewjason bond picks reviewJeff Kohler - Trading Addicts
Real time AlertsYes, Email OnlyYes, Email and SMS AlertsYes, Email Only
Chat RoomNo, but is available for additional feeYes, Very ActiveYes, Very Active
Educational MaterialsYes, But Not as Extensive as Jason Bond or Trading AddictsYes, Very ExtensiveYes, Very Extensive, Plus Options Education As Well
Holding Period For StocksMid to Longer Term (Days to Weeks or More)Short Term, A few Days to a WeekShort Term, A Few Days to a Few Weeks
Day Trading PicksNoYes, Alerts in the Chat RoomNo
Frequency of Stock PicksVaries, 1-2 Per WeekUsually 3-6 Per WeekUsually 5-10 Per Week
Options TradingNoNoYes, Usually Out of the Money Calls and Puts
Cost of the Service$97 Per Month$297 per Quarter (works out to be $97 per Month)$97 Per Month
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Criteria for choosing a Stock Picking Service:

  • Real time Alerts – Most of the time when you get in a stock will determine whether or not it will be a profitable trade. I like getting both email and SMS. Jason Bond is the only one who offers SMS with the base service.
  • Chat Room – This is important to me but not critical. Since I work a full time job, most of the time I am not able to participate in the chat room.
  • Educational Materials – This is critical for me, there is always something new to learn and the markets are always changing, so you have to know whats working now.
  • Holding Period For Stocks – I am an active swing trader but by no means a day trader. I want my holding period for my stocks to be at least a few days.
  • Day Trading Picks – I don’t daytrade very often, its too stressful for me but on my work at home days I like to do a few trades. Luke Murray with Jason Bond Picks is a master.
  • Stock Pick Frequency – This goes along with the holding period, I don’t have time to enter 5 trades in a day. If I had more time during the workday, I absolutely would like lots of picks during the day. This is one thing I like best about Microcap Millionaires, his holding period is longer than most of the others.
  • Options Trading – I like trading options, the leverage is unbeatable. You can easily make 2-3 times your money in a week. This is what I like best about Trading Addicts. He is the only one that trades options.
  • Cost of the Service – They are all pretty much the same so this is not a factor.

So to summarize; If you are looking for less trading and longer holding times then Microcap Millionaires is your best bet.

If you are looking for a relatively short holding period and fairly active swing trading, plus day trading, then Jason Bond is who you should sign up with.

If you are or want to be a very active swing trader AND trade options then Trading Addicts is going to suite your style of trading best.

Overall, I would go with Jason Bond Picks if you are not sure, he has the best all around service. You can read my review here.

Regardless of which Stock Picking Service you use or if even if you choose to go it alone, please download my two trading guides; 7 Habits of Millionaire Traders and How to Take the Proper Size Position for Your Account

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If you have any questions about any of the stock picking services, feel free to contact me and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

– Robert Walsh


Robert Walsh

I am an avid swing trader who has been trading stocks and futures for almost 10 years. I enjoy many sports like, golf, tennis and have been running mud races now like the Tough Mudder. If you have any questions about trading or the stock picking services I reviewed, feel free to contact me.