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Grant Gigliotti – Beat The Market Analyzer [2024 Review]

Quick Overview:

Grant GiglottiI recently signed up for Grant Gigliotti’s “Beat The Market Anaylzer” or BTMA for short.

If you have read any of my other reviews you know I have focused mainly on services that “spoon feed” you stock picks.

The BTMA is different because its for the DIY person who want help choosing stocks and wants to learn how to do it themselves.

Beat The Market Analyzer Review:

Grant created the BTMA analyzer after studying the investment methods of the Warren Buffet and Bejamin Graham, arguably the best stock investors of all time.

He started out replicating the investment philophosies into spreadsheets where he would manually analyze stocks that met the criteria that Buffet and Graham looked for in a stock.

After realizing that these methods worked, he spent over 8 months creating a spreadsheet with calculations to automate the process. He could now analyze a stock in a fraction of the time that it used to take him.

Grant realized there was a need for a simple way for people to do their own research and ignore all the Wall Street nonsense hence the idea for the BTMA was born.

After much work the BTMA was created into a stock analyzer website so he can now share the value investment strategies of Buffett and Graham with us in a remarkably simple-to-use tool that anyone can use and afford.

The Analyzer:

So now we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of how it works.

Beat The Market Analyzer

Once we login, we can start analyzing potential stocks to invest in. Here is where we find some quality stocks that meet the Buffet/Graham metrics.

Beat The Market Analyzer

Grant made the ability to analyze stocks incredibly easy. Here you have several ways to search for stocks. The first way were going to look at is imputing some stocks by symbol.

Here were going to look at some of the market “darlings”, Apple (AAPL), Amazon(AMZN) and Facebook(FB). You can enter one at a time and analyze or type in a few separated by commas.

Let’s see how they stack up using Buffet & Graham’s metrics:

Beat The Market Analyzer - Result

Well as we can see none of our selected stocks meet the criteria. It took all of 3 seconds to do the analysis! Now we know we probably don’t want to buy them at current prices.

As you can see, Facebook has not been public long enough to do a proper analysis. We are looking for companies that have been around for some time to establish a track record of earnings.

You can copy and paste as many stock symbols as you want into the “Search Multiple Symbols Screen” and click “Analyze These Stocks”.

If you don’t know of any particular stocks you want to look at, Grant makes it super easy to just look at the Major Market Indexes and find some.

Lets see how we do that:

Beat The Market Analyzer - Result Dow

So here we scanned the venerable Dow 30 of major stocks. As we can see none of them are currently buys, only “possibly”. Possibly is not good enough in my book, so lets keep looking.

Now we’ll take a look at the Russell 3000, there has to be some good stocks there right?

Beat The Market Analyzer - Result Russell 3000

Ok, now we’re on to something. we get back about 20 stocks out of 3000. Now we can really narrow our focus to just the best of the best! (Only top 8 showing)

Along the top there are tabs for more information. Grant has tutorials covering the additional information, we won’t cover that here.

One thing will look at if a long term chart of the stock. You can see SWKS highlighted above. Let’s take a closer look.

Beat The Market Analyzer - SWKS

Here we can see the price trend of the stock is steadily rising. (I drew the trend line). Its not a true price chart like may be accustomed to, each point is just an avg for that year. This filters out all of the “noise”.

Since the buy price is the same as the price we ran the analysis, these are all current buys and we can probably safely buy them.

Can we narrow down the 20 to find even better values?

Yes, Grant makes that easy. By selecting the “Margin of Safety” we can narrow it down to only three stocks!

Beat The Market Analyzer - Margin of safety

So we went from 3000 stocks down to 3 stocks using the BTMA. As you can see the BTMA can make analyzing the market simple and profitable.

Grant covers a step-by-step process in this video, including how to buy a stock using a real trading account. This is especially helpful for newbies who have never bought a stock before. But even experienced investors can learn from it.

The Bottom Line:

Using the Beat The Market Analyzer you can now take charge of your investing. No more “tips” from friends and family. Forget Jim Cramer and the rest of the Wall Street hype.

Using the BTMA you can find and buy the best stocks using criteria from the best investors of all time. For less than a $100 per year you can now invest like Buffet!

More info at


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