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Jason Bond Picks [Review 2024] – Legit or a Scam?

Quick Overview:

jason bond picks review I have been a member of Jason Bond Picks service for just over 3 1/2 years, and will share my experience with his service to help you make a decision whether his service is for you. I will give you an honest overview of his service, the good and the bad.

I started with a $10,000 account when I first signed up for his service. I made some pretty big mistakes right off the bat. I think my biggest mistake was that I put far too much money into each trade and when Jason said the trade wasn’t working and to get out, I waited hoping it would turn around.

Big mistake. I lost almost $2,000 learning that lesson. I had a lot to learn; fortunately Jason has a ton of educational material on his site so I learned quickly.

As I went through all the videos on his site I began to get more comfortable with his picks and why he was making them.

Jason Bond Picks Review:

Jason Bond Picks probably has more ways for you to trade and make money than any other Stock Picking Service that I have used.

  • There are real-time email and text message alerts of new trades or trades that are being closed out. Goal is 5-20% gains per trade.
  • There is a very active and helpful chat room with some great traders and moderators.
  • Day Trading Alerts all day through the chat room with Luke Murry and Bart Van.
  • A morning email with the days plan on what stocks are setting up for a trade, plus Jason’s outlook on the market.
  • A Daily Watch list so that you can keep track of all Jason’s open positions and what he is keeping an eye on for a possible trade.
  • The training available on his site is really second to none. I have never seen so much valuable information in one place, if you have the time and desire you can easily go it on your own if you want to.
  • There is an affiliate program so that if you want to tell your friends and make a few dollars as well.

The real-time text and email alerts are for me the most valuable. Since I work a full time job but I do have access to my trading account, its perfect for me. As soon as I get a text with a trade opportunity I can login to my account and place the trade.

I know exactly where I should get in and a stop loss in case the trade doesn’t work out. Not all of them do, Jason is not perfect.

So while I am at my day job, Jason and his team of traders do the hard work of finding me the best trades based on his criteria of a stock that has the catalysts for a big move.

Keep in mind even though Jason gives you his entry price, the market can move pretty fast and when you are able to place your trade you may not see that price.

So in these circumstances, I just wait a few hours and usually the price will retrace enough for me to get in at his price or pretty close. Whatever you do, don’t chase the stock, I have lost a lot of money doing that, learn from me and DON’T do it!

The Chat Room:

If you have a large enough account to day trade ($25,000) and are able to watch the market during the day then you will LOVE his chat room! Head day trader Luke Murray puts out at least 15 day trades and sometimes 30 or more. If you like to day trade you will be in heaven.

All alerts are in real time as Luke takes them and when he does it makes the trade alert sound so you don’t even have to be watching the chat room, if you hear the sound, you know a trade has been placed and to check and see what it is.

Just a word of warning, you will need to be FAST, as soon as the trade comes thru you need to place the trade ASAP. If by the time you are ready to place the trade and the price has run too far, I would wait or just pass on the trade, you don’t want to be left holding the bag!

Also if you’re going to day trade you will need a very low cost broker like OptionsHouse (that’s who I use) because if you’re going to place 10-30 trades a day and paying a $10 per trade you’re going to get killed in commissions. OptionsHouse, for example is only a $4.95 commission and the trading platform is pretty amazing.

So now when I take a “sick” day I can make it a profitable day off!

Daily Watch Lists:

Jason creates a daily watch list for us subscribers, this list has the stocks that he feels are ready to make a big move based on his technical analysis.

It is always available on his website for you to review. He will list his reasons why they are there and sometimes a video showing more detail why he likes it.

Every morning you will get an email that gives you his outlook on the market and what he expects to happen, along with any stocks he is looking to take a trade in.

Here are some stocks that Jason recently had on his watch list.

The Portfolio:

Jason lists his current open positions on the website. It shows many shares he has, entry price and open profit and his trade notes. Below is an example of his portfolio.

jason bond picks review

Track Record

Here is a summary of Jason’s trading profits for the last few years. As you can see some pretty solid gains, with 2016 being a monster year. As a reference the S&P 500 returned about 12%!

YearStartFinish$ Profit% Return

Educational Material:

For all new members is a DVD that retails for $497 but is available FREE for all subscribers. It contains all of the lessons Jason has learned over the years, if you take them all in and follow them you can probably go out on your own.

There are over 50 video lessons on his website and counting that cover topics like; basic technical analysis, support and resistance, scanning the market and money management. These videos show you how and why he picks the stocks he does.

Jason used to be a elementary school teacher so his videos are easy to follow and informative.

Jason also holds weekly webinars where he talks about the markets in general, his currents holdings then opens it up for a question and answer session. If you are unclear on some of his material you have the ability to ask a question and get an answer.

If you are embarrassed to ask in an open forum, you can email him your question and he will get back to you promptly with an answer. There is probably no other service with his level of customer service. Here is just a small sample of what is available:

Sample of Jason Bond Videos

Affiliate Program:

If you know some people who are investors/traders you can make some $ by referring them to Jason’s service. You can help them make some money trading and make some money for yourself. It’s a win-win!

The Bottom Line:

The ONLY reason you should sign up for a stock picking service, is if they make you more money than they cost. With Jason Bond Picks that has never been an issue for me.

It’s not just me staying a member, you will run into quite a few people in the chat room who have been a member for years.

People are not going to stick around and pay for a service if they are losing money!

If you have done any research on Jason you will probably find people bashing him, but these are people who have never used his service or had unrealistic expectations.

You are NOT going to make a million dollars from a $2,000 account!

I have used quite a few services over the years and I have not found a better service than Jason Bond. He has excellent educational materials to learn from (over 50 educational trading videos and counting).

His customer service is excellent and you feel that Jason really has your best interest at heart and is doing everything he can to make you money.

Its a good feeling making money just about every week, where I had been losing money for a couple years trying to figure it out on my own.

Jason’s service isn’t just your typical stock picking service that gives you alerts without the reasons why he is picking the stocks. Jason not only tells you why but also references one of the trading videos if you want to understand the technical setup.

When you understand why he is making the trade you will feel much more comfortable taking them. Once you fully understand all the technical setups and how to screen for stocks you can go out on your own if you want to. I prefer you to remain a remember, the service is really a bargain.

I have done well with his service and I think you will as well.

More info at

FYI, please be aware there are no “coupons” or discounts for his service. I have seen some people claiming they have one, they don’t exist. Also he does not have any “Free Trials”. You can sign up for his email list for free but its not actually his service, its mostly some stocks he is watching.

Once or twice a year he offers a 7 day, $1 trial but if you are serious about swing trading there is no reason to wait.

FAQ’s About Jason Bond Picks

Q. Is there a Free Trial or Coupon for a discount?

A. No is the answer to both. A few times a year he does offer a week trial for a $1 but if you are serious about trading why wait?

Q. Can you buy Jason’s stock picks at the same price as he gets?

A. Many times you can get in at a better price. Look over the morning watch list and pick what stocks interest you based on the setups. Many times I enter before Jason sends out an alert, then its just confirmation I made a good trade. You should watch all the training videos before attempting this however. Just because Jason doesn’t alert the stock doesn’t mean it can’t be a great trade.

Q. Can you recommend a broker to use?

A. Yes, I like Options House, you can read my review here. Its an ideal discount broker for active swing traders.

Q. How much money do I need to start?

A. This is a tough question to answer, I wrote an entire post on it, click here. In a nutshell, don’t try swing trading with less than $2,000

Q. I don’t live in the United States, can I still join?

A. Yes, you will need to open an account with a brokerage that allows you to buy stocks on the US exchanges. There are many that do, Options House and Interactive Brokers are two that I use and people in most countries can open an account with them.

My Advice

When you first sign up, especially if you are new to trading, you should take all of Jason’s trades. If you try and cherry pick the ones you think are the best, inevitably you will pick the wrong trades.

Just follow Jason’s trades, participate in the chat room if you can during the day and listen in when he has his training sessions, usually on Fridays and you will learn everything you need to know about trading.

If you are unable participate in the chat room or the training sessions then be sure to watch the videos and read the material on his site, everything you need to know is there. Take advantage of it.

As you gain some experience, take a look at the watch list first thing in the morning and assuming you have time; look at the charts of the stocks on the list before the market opens.

Keeping in mind that not all of the stocks will be alerts as they don’t all work out BUT if the stock has the right setup, you can get a better price than Jason and get in before everyone else does. I do this frequently and many times make more on the stock than Jason.

I have also learned to manage the trade, sometimes I like to hold on for bigger gains, but do this at your own risk. Jason likes to take his 5-20% quick gain and get out. Probably the biggest mistake I see beginning traders make is chasing the trade after the stock has already made a substantial move.

Don’t do it! Be patient and wait for it to come back and if it doesn’t, pass on the trade, there will always be another.

Update on Jason’s Service:

Jason Bond has changed his offerings, he has now rolled up his day trade service, short selling picks and “bread and butter” swing trade picks up into one combined service. Its a great deal, don’t pass it up!

More info at

If Penny Stocks are your thing, then you should check out Microcap Millionaires.

Click here to read my review of Microcap Millionaires

Regardless of which Stock Picking Service you use or if even if you choose to go it alone, please download my two trading guides; 7 Habits of Millionaire Traders and How to Take the Proper Size Position for Your Account

NO strings attached, no email required.

Trading Guides

If you have any questions about Jason Bond Picks or any of the other stock picking services, feel free to contact me and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

– Robert Walsh

Review Overview

Accuracy of Swing Trading Picks
Educational Video's and Materials
Customer Service
Overall Track Record

Jason Bond Picks is by far the best value for a swing trading service with an active chat room and day trading picks as well.

User Rating: 2.5 ( 143 votes)

Robert Walsh

I am an avid swing trader who has been trading stocks and futures for almost 10 years. I enjoy many sports like, golf, tennis and have been running mud races now like the Tough Mudder. If you have any questions about trading or the stock picking services I reviewed, feel free to contact me.

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