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Harry Boxer – The Tech Trader [Review 2024]

Quick Overview:

Harry Boxer - The Tech Trader ReviewI had been a member of Harry Boxer’s  – service for over a year and will try to share my experience with his service to help you make a decision whether his service is for you.

I will give you my opinion of his service, the good and the bad.

I started with a $11,500 in my account when I first subscribed to The Tech Trader. The market was in a solid uptrend so it makes it much easier to pick winning stocks in that type of environment.

Perhaps you have heard the expression, “Don’t mistake brains for a bull market”. Well just about anything you bought was going up!


Harry Boxer is a veteran Wall Street trader with more than 40 years’ experience as a chief technical analyst of several brokerage firms.

He won the Internet stock market trading “The Technical Analyst Challenge” contest in 1995, he is also widely syndicated on many financial TV shows and Websites.

Harry Boxer Review

How his service works:

Harry Boxer has two services: a swing trading alert and a day trading chat room. When you are in the trading chat room Harry will give day trading picks throughout the day.

The room is very active, there are several hundred people in there, many are veteran traders who also give out picks and advice.

If you are signed up for the day trading service, he has a live webinar before the trading day starts and goes over the stocks that are looking good premarket.

Usually they are stocks that are “popping” due to some news event . He has another webinar update about 30 minutes into the session with updates on stocks that look good for a day trade. He has another one about 11:30 am EST with updates to positions he took in the morning.

He usually has at least one to two more webinars updates in the afternoon. He may take some questions on stocks, he is VERY blunt and to the point.

If you ask a question he feels is dumb he is not shy about letting you know it. Must be the New Yorker in him coming out. I personally felt pretty intimidated and rarely asked a question.

Harry also has his end of the day analysis “Charts of the Day” which is available to everyone regardless if you are a subscriber or not on his website: every Mon-Thursday.

On Saturday 11am EST he has his “Coffee with Harry” to go over the weeks trades and his watch-list.

The swing trade service is a separate service and he provides roughly 3-5 trades per week. Depending on the market trend he will have short swing trades as well.

He prefers to go long like most stock picking services do. He also offers a Free educational DVD after your trial subscription ends.

The Good:

Harry Boxer’s – The Tech Trader is a decent service, I did learn some new technical analysis techniques. His swing trade alerts by email are clear, with stock symbol , entry price, long/short and a stop loss.

While the day trading room was interesting, Harry does not actually provide exact trades, he points out stocks that he is looking at and where it may be a good entry BUT he does not say ”buy at this price” he leaves that up to you, same with your stop loss.

The swing trading service was more useful because his email gave specific entry points. He has a decent win percentage and the fact that he goes long as well as short means you can make money in any type of market conditions.

The Bad:

Harry is extremely blunt, his customer service is pretty bad, if you are not a member of the day trading service then you have no way of asking a question. (not that he would necessarily answer it anyway).

His service subscription price is about the same as most of the other ones available. One thing that he doesn’t have that some services do like Jason Bond for example, was a SMS alert as well as an email alert.

There were times when I couldn’t access email or I just missed the email and a text would have been nice.

Bottom Line:

I subscribed to Harry Boxer’s – The Tech Trader for about 5 months and I did make money BUT I feel that for my money there are better stock picking services out there and honestly, his blunt personality turned me off.

I would much rather pay the same money for someone that will not make me feel like an idiot and give me a detailed answer to my question.

The services  that I am currently using are Microcap Millionaires and Jason Bond Picks I feel that I get much better value for my money with them than I did with Harry Boxer.

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If you have any questions about Microcap Millionaires or any of the other stock picking services, feel free to contact me and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

– Robert Walsh

Review Overview

Accuracy of Swing Trading Picks
Educational Video's and Materials
Customer Service
Overall Track Record

Harry Boxer has a decent service but you will find better value for your money with other trading services.

User Rating: 3.59 ( 4 votes)

Robert Walsh

I am an avid swing trader who has been trading stocks and futures for almost 10 years. I enjoy many sports like, golf, tennis and have been running mud races now like the Tough Mudder. If you have any questions about trading or the stock picking services I reviewed, feel free to contact me.

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