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Top Stocks to Buy – WPRT

Westport Inovations, Inc – (WPRT) is a Canadian producer of LNG equipment that just announced a big increase in earnings resulting the break out of a 2 month long base on HUGE volume. It is now in the process of forming a Bull Flag. WPRT is a buy on a break out of the flag at $6.

Top Stocks to Buy - WPRT

Update: Luckily it never broke out so I didn’t enter the trade. WPRT released earnings and they were bad and the stock got crushed the next day. This is a great reason why discipline, position sizing and avoiding holding stocks over earnings announcements is so important to your success.

I try using the technical analysis skills I have learned from the top stock picking services. When I find a stock that shows the technical chart patterns I like to share it. Usually almost all of the stocks I buy are from Jason Bond or Microcap Millionaires.

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