Trading Guides

I have put together two guides which I believe will help you become a profitable trader or if you are making money they will take your trading to a new level.

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7 Habits of Millionaire Traders

  • Learn the most important thing you can do to increase profits while decreasing stress.
  • How to create a trading plan and follow it.
  • How to become responsible for your trading.
  • Develop rock solid confidence in your trading.

My 7 Habit of Millionaire Traders will teach you the habits that you need to have to become a successful trader.


What Is Position Sizing And How To Do It Properly

  • How
  • what
  • now

My Position Sizing Report will show you how to take the proper size trading position for your account size and the volatility of the stock you are trading.

I put together these guides for my own trading and decided to share them with visitors to my site.

Please download them and read through them, I hope you can learn from my mistakes and save yourself a lot of money and heartache.

– Robert Walsh